New York University, New York, NY              Graduated: December 2011

Science Health and Environmental Reporting Program (SHERP)

M.A in Journalism; Advanced Certificate in Science, Health and Environmental Reporting

Tufts University Boston, MA             Graduated: May 2010

Bachelor of Science; Double major in Geology and Archaeology



Freelance Journalist 2010-Present

I write news and feature stories for publications including: Popular Mechanics, Discover, USA Today, and Popular Science. I’ve also written a script for the popular YouTube series Minute Earth.

Smithsonian Blogger 2014

I wrote for the Smithsonian Institution’s Smart News, writing timely and accessible stories about science and history.

Fact-checker/Researcher 2010-2013

I fact-checked for a variety of publications, including OnEarth, Discover Magazine, and the Simons Foundation.

Discover Magazine      September 2011-January 2012

Editorial intern: I fact-checked and wrote articles for the print magazine.

Popular Mechanics            May-August 2011

Science writer: I wrote and reported science stories for both the website and the print magazine.

American Museum of Natural History        January-May 2011

Communications department intern: I wrote about research at the museum for the web and print.

Scienceline        2010-2011

Section editor. Also helped develop Scienceline’s inaugural iPad app.

Tufts Daily        2009-2010

Staff Writer, Features Editor—edited stories in the features section, including fact-checking.


Fact-checking, Final Cut, Adobe Illustrator, HTML, CSS